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Supporting leaders by helping them identify their areas for growth

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Helping individuals develop

Coaching East West was created by Olga Klimanovich to help individuals develop so that they can be more effective in living a fuller life, and as a result contribute meaningfully to their business and to the lives of those around them.

We support leaders by helping them identify their areas for growth, work on them, and learn to self-correct when facing similar challenges in the future; we continue working with clients so that they are able to self-generate when they are facing new areas for growth.

Olga’s area of special interest is helping leaders going through a period of change in an international context. Such change can be connected with moving to a new country for a new role; assuming responsibilities over a wider geographical area, which requires working with different cultures; promotion to the international HQ and having to learn to live with the intricacies of the
head office culture; inheriting a diverse team; balancing personal life in the middle
of the cross-cultural changes.


No coaching programme is the same, each one is co-designed together with the client, goals and outcomes are discussed and agreed upfront.

We believe in the importance of personal chemistry between the coach and the coachee – that is why we are always happy to meet for an informal chat to see how our coaching approach might work for you and to make sure that you are happy with the way we work. Please do get in touch.

Olga’s coaching certification comes from the Centre for Coaching in Switzerland, which is a branch of The Centre for Coaching based at the University of Capetown Graduate School of Business (GSB) – one of Africa’s leading business schools.  Its courses form part of the GSB Executive Education suite of offerings and are informed by both academic rigour and coaching practice. www.gsb.uct.ac.za

The Centre for Coaching in South Africa is the learning partner of New Ventures West, one of the leading coaching schools in the USA, founded in 1987, it is a San Francisco based organisation dedicated to having people be both effective and fulfilled in their work as integral coaches.

Olga is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

“The programme has coached me through the most challenging work phase I have had to date, and at times where I would have focused on find a new role/ resigning, I have learnt to be more objective and balanced to see the ‘bigger picture’ and as a result I have persevered through the challenges, received a promotion and feel in a good position work-wise to develop a career within the company.”


“I also feel very lucky to have met a coach like Olga, who has supported me through challenging times and has made me stronger for it. I have found a true role model in Olga and someone who I will always see as having an incredibly impactful and positive contribution to my life.”


About Olga

Olga is an Executive Coach who enjoys working with individuals and teams going through a period of change. She is known for deep cross-cultural appreciation, strong integrity and open and engaging personal style.

Olga’s career to date has been spanning from working for a large international Non-Profit Organisation and Foreign Government Public Affairs Office to working for an international advertising agency, a multinational FMCG, an international natural resources company and an international consulting firm.

Originally from Belarus, she has worked in a number of geographical contexts, from Belarus, USA, Russia to the UK, where she currently resides. In her corporate years, most of which she spent with British American Tobacco, Olga had an opportunity to work at a small market, lead market, regional and global level, having served on a number of top teams.  She has a reputation for developing high performing teams and creating a fun environment to work in.

Olga holds a BA in English, German & Education from Minsk State Linguistic University and an MA in Comparative International Development Education from the University of Minnesota, USA. She also received an MBA in Management for Central and Eastern Europe from the European University of Viadrina in Germany.

Olga currently lives in the Greater London Area in Surrey with her family.


We work with corporate and individual clients.

Individual coaching programmes usually consist of 8 -12 sessions and last about 6 to 8 months.  Time is needed for the coaching client to be able to learn to identify the issues, to work on them, to learn to self-correct and then to self generate.

We also offer team coaching for corporate clients.

If and when needed we bring in psychometric instruments, such as MBTI.

No coaching programme is the same, each one is co-designed together with the client, goals and outcomes are discussed and agreed upfront.


Drop us a line and see how we can help you become more effective in living a fuller life.

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